best Pokerstars bonus codes in March, 2015

A guide to the best Pokerstars bonus codes and marketing code in 2015. Our Poker Stars bonus code is valid during the month of March in 2015 and offers the biggest bonus.


pokerstars bonus code March, 2015 - deposit bonus codes for Poker Stars

pokerstars bonus marketing codes

Updated In March, 2018 - New players at Pokerstars in 2015 can claim special bonuses when they use our Pokerstars marketing code PSP11820 and one of our Pokerstars bonus codes in 2015. The deposit bonus codes listed here are good until 2015 and they are guaranteed to provide the best bonuses possible in 2015. Most poker portals only offer a 100% match bonus on your FIRST deposit at Poker Stars. Our 2015 Poker Stars bonus code offers three bonuses, MTT tickets and a $20 instant cash credit.

Bonus code options for Pokerstars in March of 2015:

You won't find a better Poker Stars marketing code or bonus code for Pokerstars in March, 2015 anywhere. This bonus format allows small stakes players the chance to have 3 of their bonuses add up to give them a large bonus. Small stakes players always get the short end of the stick when it comes to bonuses. When I first started out playing poker online there was no way that I'd deposit $600 at once. Maybe over the course of several months but certainly not on my first deposit at a new poker room. Our Poker Stars 2015 marketing code solves this problem by having your first 3 deposits added together and matched at 100%. This new player bonus at Pokerstars will be credited in $10.00 installments for every 170 VPP's you earn which is also good for small stakes players.

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2015 pokerstars bonus code & marketing code directions

Our 2015 marketing code for Pokerstars is enter when you are signing up. I have taken a screen shot of the page and posted it above. The easiest way to enter our code is by clicking on the friend referral option. Then you just need to enter the Pokerstars marketing code for March, 2015 , PSP11820 in the box that asks for a marketing code. The Pokerstars referral code Pokerstars bonuscode in March of 2015 are the same thing as the marketing code.

Once you have finished signing up, validated your e-mail and got familiar with the Poker Stars software you will be ready to claim your new player bonus. Click on the Cashier button and make your first deposit. You will see a Pokerstars bonus code box. Enter the March 2015 Poker Stars bonus code STARS600 or the code FREE20. I suggest claiming the free $20 in cash first and then using the STARS600 bonus code on your next few deposits.

Other poker stars Codes in March of 2015

You say Pokerstars new player bonus code and others say Pokerstars marketing code. It doesn't matter what it is called. Just remember this. The Pokerstars marketing code in March of 2015 - PSP11820 - is entered when you sign up and the bonus code STARS600 is entered when you deposit. If you do that you can call it whatever you like. You will receive the best 2015 new player bonus at Pokerstars. Here are some other Poker Stars code pages I have created to help players get the best bonus.